In a football match two teams exist – Team A and Team B. Common goals for the two teams after the desire to win at the game are such things as entering into competition, enjoying the game and having a passion for the heritage and history of the sport. The common goals are the peaceful share points – the elements that unite the teams.

Fights only break out when the common goals get lost or overlooked; be it fights among teams or supporters. Underneath, the common goals remain.

Peace is similar in that fighting is a temporary loss of common goals; the goals being life and living on this planet. Complexity, money, ego, politics and other things hide the common goals; hide the simplicity of life. If the need to win becomes too strong common sense flies out the window, common goals are forgotten and hostility can break out – often pointlessly.

Not much discussion goes on when trading bombs or punches – it’s so far away from common goals that it’s almost as if they don’t exist in the first place.

When the madness dies down the common goals become clear again. Overlooked yet not forgotten.

The problem is losing sight of common goals; the ideal starting point, middle point and finish point for both sport and peace.

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