I’ve often wondered what the planet might look like if humans did not live here. Very likely, the planet would be at peace; and would not have any problems. The planet is at peace – even if we are not all at peace on it. Humans so often play victim to history both personally and globally yet no one is born with a flag or weapons or beliefs. No one has to remain stuck in the past.

How differently might humans grow up if education did not reference war, fighting and past errors quite so much? Imagine the transformation if input changed and therefore influenced output. Input such as computer games, media, films and television. It doesn’t have to be like this; you can choose what to unlearn, what to learn and how to make positive change for you and the world. You can change the input and in so doing change the output.

We arrive on the planet and often get taught man-made hand-me-downs, through tradition, religion and history – a past that very often symbolises and begins to convince us that we cannot be happy – it’s the way it is – how life is. We get taught that happiness is wealth and material possessions; that life is hard, cruel, unfair, and a constant struggle. We get taught that war has always existed and nothing can be done about it. We also get taught of a dream, a quest to find a special mate, to win; sometimes at all costs and we get taught what to think, how to feel and what is considered “normal”. Miss out on the criteria and you are considered a failure; fall short of the norm and you haven’t “made it”. Are you rich, successful, famous? Have you made it in the eyes of the world of man?

Billions of us have goals and desires, yet we can’t all be number one and we don’t need to be. Being you; who you are and doing your best at being you makes you a champion; the champion of you. In that one area you are unique and no one can compete with who you are. You have complete control over who you are and no one else can do it or be it. You get to choose what success means to you; if you are doing all you can and being who you are, sharing your unique abilities and enjoying your life you are successful. After all, what is success? It could be defined by the level of contentment you have achieved rather than material or outer wealth.

Only you can know and decide whether you have or whether you are giving and sharing your best; being who you were born to be.

The outer world helps you bring the “you” within out. The world needs you – it needs your special gifts. To be a champion of you, discover your gifts and share them with the world.

Be a champion of you by doing what you do – whatever that might be.

Once we all share our best, perhaps we can all be at peace – just like the planet beneath our feet.

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