What might happen to your ideation potential if you had your corporate meetings anywhere else other than a stuffy boardroom?
Imagine a meeting at the seaside or in the countryside, or out in the woods – up a tree with a laptop. Wading and paddling with an ice-cream, or flying through the air in a roller-coaster. How about swimming, football, tennis and other sports? What about a bouncy-castle session?
Consider a themed party, like a children’s party, transporting yourself back in time to encourage a different perspective and thought process. Better still, invite children to ask their no-nonsense opinions – they’ll often go straight to answers as they don’t need to bypass their opinions, beliefs, viewpoints or existing knowledge.
Perhaps role-swap meetings could offer alternative view? Chef becomes director for a day (or week) director lays bricks; management try floor level – new feedback; new observations.
How about nude meetings? Maybe not!
What other alternatives could fashion new thinking?

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