There is a saying:

“Work expands to fill the time allowed”

It could read:

“Work improves the more time allowed”

Taking time is not always a negative.

On occasions, more time can encourage and develop ideas, skills, talents and experience. Properly measured and considered in perspective, time need not hinder value. Time does not always equal money. Results don’t always come because of effort put in.

Once time has elapsed what of the result? Yesterday’s long hours have gone already, well spent or not.

If I draw a cat in two seconds or five minutes, the cats remain and the time has gone. Now, after the event, did it matter how long it took? At the time of drawing, did it matter how long it took? Naturally it depends on environment, expectation and intended purpose. If I need a quick cat I draw a two second one, if I need a slightly more detailed cat I draw a five minute one. If I have the ability to paint a cat and the desire to do so I might spend five days.

“Practice makes perfect”

“Repetition increases learning”

So perhaps:

“Work improves the more time allowed”

Maybe it’s time to reconsider how we view time and drop the notion that if time isn’t creating money it should equal guilt?

Quantity, Quality, Cost and Time – how do you measure yours?

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