To stand out you have to do things differently without losing your uniqueness.

The quickest way to do things differently is to be you by trying without trying. To try without trying, simply relax into your choices, your preferences, your likes and dislikes, your feelings and your thoughts. Zero copying – simply positive influence; be inspired by others yet feel inspired in your own unique way. Try going with what you feel more than what you think.
When you consider trends; what is a trend and who started it? Someone had to invent it – you could be the next pioneer of the latest trend.

Your personal twist and take is what makes you different in the same way that none of us look identical despite our similarities. Uniqueness is cause for celebration; what a gift – no one else is like you on the planet. Something, or perhaps many things, you do better than anyone else on the planet. You never have to travel to find yourself – you are already original, special, awesome, individual and unique.

How do people come up with original ideas? They don’t see it as impossible.

What is the “origin” of original? You.

Share how you feel with the world and do things differently simply by being yourself.

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