Paramahansa Yogananda said –

“When intuition develops you don’t always know why you say and do things differently, but when you are in that divine flow you are in tune with truth. Then, everything goes as it should”

The quote reminds me of the many times I have followed head rather than heart. When mind or thought said one thing and gut said another. You can think one thing and feel another (or feel one thing and think another). When what you think and feel collide often there is a “buzz” inside that confirms your decision is right for you, for now. An important point in my experience: right for you – for now.

The phrase “If in doubt throw it out” has always served me well unless I allowed my thinking to take over. The “it” can be anything: a thought, an idea, a decision, even what to keep in a de-clutter session. From experience, I have found that if it is wrong nothing stops it failing; if it is right nothing stops it succeeding. That doesn’t mean “If at first you don’t succeed, give up!” It simply means consider what your gut is trying to tell you rather than always trusting your thinking. Thoughts are not always reality; you’ll know when you are arguing with reality – you’d have more luck telling the weather what to do.

Balancing head and heart is not always easy. Filtering the relevant from the irrelevant, the possible from the impossible, can be tricky in thought alone. This doesn’t necessarily mean your gut is always right; although I have personally found it is right much more often than thought. Gut feeling is an inner feeling; call it instinct or intuition – what you feel in your heart, stomach, whole body. Your body cries out to you. Your mind entertains possibilities, analyses, thinks, thinks, thinks – your body knows. At least, this is what I have found. Contemplate the following question for a moment:

Does your body have an opinion?

If you go within you’ll discover it does, yet not as many as your mind! Try an experiment:

Say – “Body, I should eat every pickled onion within a five mile radius”

Then contrast it with “Body, I should NOT eat every pickled onion within a five mile radius”

Sense the subtle (or not so subtle if you can tune in!) difference inside when you ask your body. Hopefully, you feel an over-riding buzz when saying “Body, I should NOT eat every pickled onion within a five mile radius” Please don’t try it whether your body or mind tells you to; I don’t advise it!

Yogi Berra said

“When you come to the fork in the road, take it”

A modern version might be –

Trust your inner Sat Nav!

In my experience, “I feel” tends to be right more times than “I think” although you also need to contemplate; have time to think

Three experiments:

1. Question your thinking! Check the validity of your thoughts.
2. Unleash your inner creative! Explore what your inner body wishes to express and release your unique talents.
3. Trust your gut! Try asking yourself what you “feel” rather than what you “think”.

Two excellent videos to watch on nurturing your creativity:


  • Explore trusting your inner Sat Nav
  • Experiment with “I feel” more than “I think”
  • Try for yourself the phrase “If in doubt, throw it out”

See if it works for you.

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