A closed mind knows or thinks it knows; an open mind welcomes new learning. Each one of us has access to the same words; therefore, each one of us is capable of greatness. A closed mind creates barriers whether seen or unseen, acknowledged or ignored, yet an open mind cherishes and celebrates new possibilities and new potential.

Beliefs won’t change reality, however much our minds or thoughts try to convince us otherwise. A closed mind locks the door – an open mind doesn’t have need of a door, or a lock or a key. A closed mind is like a small room, four familiar walls, and an open mind is like the vastness of space – a world of infinite journeys. Limitations are mind made; you can travel to anywhere from anywhere within your mind. Your thoughts create walls and your thoughts can transcend walls; the walls being imaginary, don’t really exist. If you don’t think you can see through walls, close your eyes and visualize yourself elsewhere – the power of imagination, your ticket to the universe; the universe within and without.

Time travel is possible within our minds – we can visit the past via our memories and explore infinite futures via our imagination. Future imagination, our dreams, predictions and expectations have similarities to memories of the past in that yesterday’s events are now mind based. The future is mind based and the past is mind based.

If you broke a fingernail yesterday you might say the breakage still exists today yet you only broke it once – reference to the “event” now is memory and thoughts. You can look at your broken fingernail, and it is still broken, yet you broke it yesterday; in the past. You can focus on one broken fingernail or nine good ones 🙂

Closed mind sees one broken fingernail; open mind sees nine good ones. Same view – different vision.

An open mind encourages open vision; allowing both uncertainty and imagination – your inner creativity to flow and develop. Open vision peers into the unknown, with a sense of wow, some apprehension and yet ultimately intrigue; the beauty of discovery, the wonder of seeing anew.

How can you develop an open mind? You have it already at times when you are willing to not know. When you can suspend judgment. If you can drop your sense of knowing to move from learning to unlearning through to new learning and new innovation. Drop how it is and imagine how it might be and you can tap your infinite open mind – see with open vision. Open vision is now (the point of innovation) and future; the what else, the what other and what next of idea creation. Open mind is like an open door as opposed to a locked door, the difference between easy access and no access.

To develop an open mind you simply have to be willing to contemplate and wait; inspiration often requires patience, like waiting for the next cloud to arrive in the sky. Open mind is prepared to wait; open vision is prepared to see. Effortless open mind and open vision allows ideas to come to you, like a fisherman waiting patiently for a bite rather than jumping in the river and chasing a catch 🙂

With an open mind you can build the future starting from now. Open mind is like the infinite ocean or infinite sky; a world of endless possibilities, waiting to be seen.


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