Often the solution is simple; everyone recognises it instantly and all that changed is an idea, a thought, a possibility gets shared. An idea aired is an idea shared – the universe listens and when or if change can occur, change happens.

Why hasn’t “it” been done before? Either the suggestion was not shared or the suggestion was shared and not heard.

On an island I could travel the coast to arrive at the other side or travel as the crow flies, roman roads assisting occasionally. The destination is the same, the route different. I could even fly all over the world and still return to the same destination. It depends if I want to get there fast or one day someday.

Occasionally in life it feels like you need to place one hand on your head, lift one leg and hop backwards humming a tune before the intention becomes an outcome.

Why so complicated?

Imagine what could be done with all the time saved if complex systems were simplified.

Might you become a leader in clarity and simplicity? Might you put a firm “how” in show? Might you be a timesaver by going straight to the answer?

Fortunately we live in an advanced world compared to our ancestors and we have a great deal to thank them for.

What better way to thank our ancestors for the ideas they have shared than to share our ideas for future generations? We create the past which gets invented now.

How can we make life simpler now and for future generations? Consider what they might achieve if we free up time to think for them?

If you witness unnecessary complexity, if you can make a difference share an idea or thought. You could change the world if the ball starts rolling yet only if you roll it.

Here is a question to ponder:

How can I make it easier?

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