Why are we here?

What is the meaning of life?

What is my life purpose?

What is the link, as human beings, that we all share?

The link we share is life.

Regardless of our individual thoughts and ideas about the meaning of life, or the unique life purpose we each have, I feel the biggest link we all share is life. The celebration of life. Being here – being able to be here; like generations before us and millions more to come. What makes it all possible? The planet! I feel that by celebrating life we can be more happy and grateful – to recognise how lucky we are; how fortunate we are to be on this planet at all.

I feel that World Peace needs celebrations of life.

Imagine the difference being born into a World already at Peace and the effect that will have on future generations being born into Peace. Buddha said he teaches one thing and one thing only “Suffering and the end of suffering” – imagine being born into a World at peace, where suffering was less, and therefore the journey of learning travelling through unlearning and back to learning was a shorter trip. Inner peace could potentially arise sooner. I feel that World Peace will be a catalyst for inner peace on a global scale. After World Peace, inner peace can become a reality for millions of people and fast. Inner peace has long been considered the vital ingredient for World Peace which makes sense yet globally progress is slow because it happens on an individual basis. That is fine in itself, as millions are finding inner peace and it is spreading quickly, for those ready to change, yet I feel it could spread quicker and we will see a real shift after we have World Peace.

World Peace will be achieved by leading from the top and inspiring through action. Once conflicts are reduced people will turn within to make personal change and start caring and sharing more. Life will change as a consequence and I feel it will change fast. If we collectively aim at World Peace in our lifetime, inner peace will follow. What better way could we celebrate our lifetimes on this planet than collectively bringing about World Peace? What greater respect could we show both our ancestors and future generations?

Significant events create lasting change – like the Berlin Wall – celebrations become part of history and life moves on for the better. Significant events are vital because they last. The wall will never be erected again. Unique situations have massive impact; the Olympic Games could be the catalyst that fuels the fires of collective agreement. The lighting of the torch and the raising of white flags in every country could be that change. Actually, I’ll stick my neck out and say it will be the change. I believe it can happen in our lifetime – and why not in 2012?

Borders are only problems because they exist. We even think we own parts of the sky! I feel it is time to pay more respect to the planet and I believe the Olympic Games is the opportunity to pull it all together and make it one special event – imagine 2012 becoming the year that brought about World Peace. Our ancestors have put in place a beautiful opportunity – now it is up to us to capitalise on it. We can take this opportunity to change history in our lifetime and celebrate life on this planet in harmony. We could even issue every participant with a Gold Medal to celebrate it.

Music and Sports are wonderful examples of huge crowds gathering in peace with one collective goal – being in the flow and celebrating life.

Peace exists before thought, beliefs, opinions and borders – manmade inventions that can be changed.

The Olympic Games is a World recognised event and a platform that could provide unity of purpose far greater than the sports concept. The Olympics is a celebration of life and togetherness – the planet sharing special moments to celebrate human life and achievement – a state that could continue after the celebration with the right circumstances to create lasting World Peace.

2012 has the potential to be the catalyst; to be the change. If not now – when? Do we really need another two million years learning curve?

History has gone. We don’t “know” about the past – we were not there – we can only read about it. We do know about now; we can do something about the now – we can write it.

A lot of emotion goes into my ideas. I’ve cried tears of love, laughter, joy, compassion and fear. Fear of us humans not realising the potential within our grasp. Fear it may take another two million years for us to see the truth and be the change. Ideas are simple pockets of thought; real change is collective and requires action – it needs joint effort, stemming from individual change potential.

Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the World”. This is both an individual and collective responsibility and the best part is that collectively it spreads the task. You can change, yet more importantly, “we” can change.

Will we?

Notes to the Mind Map:

Blue represents the vital importance of water – approximately 70% of both the planet and each of us is water

Brown reflects the earth, roots, growth, and interconnection

Light and dark reflect day and night, changing cycles, tides and the rotation of the planet

Sun, clouds, sky and birds in flight reflect a celebration of peace and freedom

The heart symbolises love, life, flow, the heart beat of every human and the planet

The flower shows growth, silence, stillness, beauty, consciousness, the waking up of the planet

Stars and the universe represent the enormity over and above our planet – infinite vastness dwarfs our individual problems and any feelings of specialness and reminds us of our togetherness and connections

The bigger picture is looking in on the planet from outside – considering issues of far greater importance than ourselves – considering what really matters

The link we share is life; we just need to celebrate it.

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