Finding inner peace is a bit like pulling the plug on a sink full of water and letting all your troubles, resistance, and so called “problems” wash away. You hold the plug at all times yet often the water is so murky you can lose sight of the plug, sometimes even forget there is one!

The water might represent your thoughts; the sink, your mind. Worry might be a full sink whereas passing thoughts that you don’t cling to could be likened to a running tap flowing through an empty sink without the plug in place. No resistance, no problem. Stagnant water could represent all the repetitive self-limiting and negative thoughts that sit without draining for days, months, sometimes even years. If you think you have a lot of problems perhaps your sink is a bathtub? Same principle applies.

If the plug is in place and the taps are running – guess what? Overflow, flood or blockage!

Can you adjust the balance; hydrate your mind without overfilling? Yes – you are the keeper of the plug.

You also maintain and control the flow.

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