Here is a simple way to recall information using the body.

This Mind Map could be expanded by adding extra body areas; there are 6 on each branch providing 24 anchoring points overall.

You could use your imagination and picture in your mind funny or strange versions of each part of the body to help your memory.

Examples might be: instead of using “hair” imagine a huge blue afro wig 🙂
The fingers could have incredibly long curvy nails with vivid pink varnish.

The more wacky you make your images in your mind the easier it will be to recall.

You could print out two copies; one for adding words or numbers to remember and the other as a pencil test sheet to jot down the answers for recall practice.

Feel free to add more branches with extra body parts or create your own personal version of this Mind Map idea.

Using initials (creating acronyms) is also a great method of recall.

Another example of acronyms in use is the Dealing with a Negative Thought Mind Map

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