Resisting reality is like wanting to build a snowman when there is no snow and then worrying about it.

When the snow is there, hurray, build a snowman. Of course, when the snow is there you also have a choice whether to build or not; the luxury of options. When the sun is shining and no snow falls, you have no choice – you cannot build a snowman of snow. Resistance, worry, upset, anger – all pointless as reality is reality. No snow, no snowman.

Naturally, you could build a snowman out of another material; create your own “snow”, yet it would not be a true snowman made of snow. If you can afford it you might travel to snow to build a snowman or even ship snow to you in order to build a snowman. Some things have to wait, like it not, some parts of reality, like the weather, remain way out of our control.

When the snow falls and you build your snowman, more resistance to reality can enter – I don’t want it to melt. I want my snowman to last forever; the insanity of wanting what isn’t or chasing the impossible.

Unless you are fortunate enough that you can afford to change or buy an alternative reality, the only thing for it is to accept existing reality; accept none other than the present moment. Wait for the snow – then build the snowman.

No snow, no snowman – true reality 🙂

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