You can use an unplugged session for relaxation, contemplation or innovation.


Switch everything off; zero distractions, minimal noise, introduce calm by creating or visiting a relaxing environment.


Use the unplugged session to think or create; be it work or hobbies – tap the flow of you and the creative moment. Enjoy the time to think.


Ponder, dream, imagine; tap peace, tap silence, allow yourself to indulge fully 100% in the present moment.


Chill out, recharge, reflect, recuperate; explore the freedom of doing nothing or quietly doing something.


Accept the moment by surrendering fully to what you do; forget all other troubles – they can wait. Observe your body, your breath and the life inside you. Notice fully your surroundings and heighten your senses. Embrace silence and surrender to sounds – allow them rather than battling them; they too will pass.


Find space; space inside you, space around you, space in time dedicated to what you wish to achieve in your unplugged session.

Unplugged you can unwind and let your body and mind chill. From that place ideas can flow, solutions can come to you and you will feel calmer or more productive if you are using the session to create.

You can have your unplugged session anywhere; at home, at work or out among nature. Simply find a space for solitude and reconnect with your goals and more importantly reconnect with yourself.

Unplugged, ideas can come from you as well as to you.

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