At times, it is important to get away from everything, seek solitude and relax whether to recoup from illness or simply to recharge. Moments of solitude, meditation or simply relaxing in your favourite setting doing what you love to do or even just chilling out doing absolutely nothing. Whatever you choose to do it helps to let go completely by focussing 100% of your attention and awareness on the present moment. If you undertake a hobby put 100% attention into the moment, if you decide to simply relax be in the moment 100% by observing your breathing and the life within your body.

You might like to use brief affirmations to help you relax; invent short phrases or use single word prompts to help you gently and effortlessly focus on the present moment. Alternatively, if you feel comfortable with silence concentrate on your breath or body and allow thought to subside.

Relaxation position is not as important as focusing on relaxing – you can relax laying down, sitting upright with a straight back or even during a gentle walk. Perhaps create a regular place you can retire to in order to relax and recharge on your own.

Whichever physical position you choose, try imagining that you are totally connected to the planet, interlinked with everything. Visualise roots coming from your body down into the earth like a tree and notice your breathing as you do so. The combination of the two help ground you in the present moment as you relax and recharge.

A silent recharge is like a mini-vacation or relaxation break yet it does not need to cost a fortune and you can have as many as you like. In addition to tapping silence, quiet contemplation is one of the best daily positive habits to build into your life. Don’t wait for illness or disaster before taking time out to do things most important to you.

Almost everything we use these days needs recharging – when was the last time you recharged yourself?

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