Your mind can produce thousands of thoughts; your body “feels”. Your mind can overload you with options, ideas, possibilities, choices, indecision and uncertainty to name a few. Your body “feels”. Your mind can find all manner of proof to justify its logic, to validate its position or belief. Your body “feels”. You could say your body is unbiased; gut feeling, instinct, intuition – what you feel, not what you think.

Here is a quick experiment:

Try saying to yourself – “Body, I am…” and then make up something you are not. Then try the same phrase using something that you are. See if you can sense a feeling inside for each statement. The incorrect one may make you feel colder than the real one; or you may sense a “buzz” in your body when you use the correct statement. The feeling comes anywhere, not just in one area and often appears as a “fizzing” or warmth; ten times more powerful for correct answers. From experience this doesn’t always happen; sometimes you can’t feel anything. Don’t force it, make it effortless, simply allow and you may feel the inner buzz. Better results come when your body and mind are totally relaxed (see the Free 85 Page E-Book “Stop Thinking” for meditation tips and techniques for quietening your mind)

Part of consulting your gut feeling is being willing to let go; be comfortable with not knowing, embrace uncertainty and allow answers to come rather than directing them. Consider for a moment animals and birds; they don’t talk yet instinctively they have a “knowing”. Similarly, on occasions we know answers yet don’t always know why we know.

I use 5W 1H a lot – it helps question un-investigated thoughts. You can also use the 5W 1H system to ask your body questions.

In my experience “I feel” has less error potential than “I think”. Almost as if your mind can be fooled yet your body can’t. Try experimenting with “I feel” rather than “I think”; allow yourself time to explore and have patience, because you may not get instant results.

Try it in areas that do not matter; such as watching a talent show and choosing a winner; try selecting in one round who you “think” will win using your normal logic, then in another round ask your body who you “feel” will win and see which method works best for you. For example, you might say “Body, I feel (name of person) will win” – naturally this can be a long-winded exercise if there are many entrants! Use “I” when asking your questions and no need to say it out loud. Compare logic using your thinking against asking your body – see what works best for you. Perhaps you prefer a combination of both? Maybe you don’t think it works at all?

When you consult your body I feel it works best to ask what is right for you personally, not for others. This isn’t magic; I doubt you’ll pick the winning lottery numbers, or maybe you will; who knows?

Try experimenting with asking your body and consulting your positive gut feeling; see if it works for you.

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