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The last time you completed a jigsaw; did you then continue looking for more pieces to add? I doubt it.

Now picture yourself as a jigsaw, already complete – with no need to search for new pieces. Once you locate new pieces no room exists to add them and so the pieces you think you need will only ever float around as spare sundry items. That means not entertaining the illusion that there remains a missing piece which will somehow complete you or finish the jigsaw of you. The illusion (or voice in your head) tells you that one day you becomes you when you have finally arrived or made it through something other than you; do you see the illusion? Nothing needs discovering. No missing piece. The dilemma of you searching for you. Then, you struggle to find the missing piece, or, how ever many pieces you discover they dont seem to quite fit your puzzle.

Theres nothing wrong with possessions or wanting to better your life situation. Disappointment only comes if you base your identity on your possessions or on acquiring something in the future to make you happier. What will happen if you lose your possessions? What if they disappear? What if the things you think you need never come? What if they come and happiness still eludes you? Once you see yourself as already complete, you can enjoy new things if they come and it doesnt matter if they dont come. This simple shift in perspective ends the craving. The need for completion at a next stage somewhere off in the distance disappears.

Look around you and see all the things you thought you needed. Now imagine all the things you think you still require. Do you really believe they will fulfil you once you have attained them? The words after the missing piece or pieces you still think you need often read. .and then Ill be happy?

You can move the pieces around, you can juggle the positions, you can delay happiness until another day if you wish – and yet you still remain you. Complete, finished, perfect and unique. Unique you – an individual who only thinks more means completion.

You still have options – you could always change the picture on your jigsaw?

Whatever you do – it remains complete.

The complete jigsaw of you.

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