You don’t get to be a 60ft tall Saguaro Cacti in the Arizona Desert without knowing about water supply and living with drought. The planet contains many answers and I feel it can teach us far more than we already know about how to live more effectively on Earth.

Imagine the entire population of the planet silently observing the rest of the planet, not observing other humans; observing plants, trees, animals, birds, weather, day, night, light and dark all taking care of itself. 6.8 Billion Humans looking with alert attention. Imagine you are one of them, watching a movie of it all happening, unfolding silently.

Picture a sheep in a field somewhere looking up and saying “Finally!” “Finally they stop squabbling among themselves”

And the sheep would carry on eating grass, because it wouldn’t make much odds to animals or the rest of the planet – they are already at peace. It would be a momentary glance; a split second recognition of real change. The planet is watching us and is silently confused by how us humans behave and carry on. We say we are more evolved; of higher intelligence and in many ways of course we are, yet somehow animals and the rest of the planet are way ahead of us and have been for years.

To have peace we just need to catch up with our own selves; shine a conscious light on the madness and see with new eyes. Don’t worry; no animal has an ego – so they won’t be there to say “Told you so” 🙂

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