If you had to leave Planet Earth in 24 hours how would you spend your last day?

Who would you spend your last day with?

What would you do?

Where would you do it?

Why would you do it?

What can you do in 24 hours?

Here are some questions to help you contemplate what you might do on your last day and to help you remember how fortunate you are to wake up every day. If the thought of your last day upsets you, imagine you are in an episode of Dr.Who with an opportunity to leave in the Tardis. In your last 24 hours before leaving what would you do?

Would you check your emails or post?
Text or phone a friend?
Visit your favourite place?
Eat your favourite meal?
Listen to your favourite piece of music?
Watch your favourite film?
Would you join a telephone queue to see if you make it to position 1?
Would you catch a bus on an all-day ticket?
Shop ‘till you drop?
Spend the day giving away everything you own?
Start a huge jigsaw puzzle and see if you could finish it?
Would you read a book (or books) that you’ve been meaning to read?
Tidy your room and brush your teeth?
Pack your suitcase in case you return?
Watch the time and finally understand impermanence?
Prune your body to look your “best”?
Would you let go, forgive, and stop worrying?
Would you be more polite, understanding and patient of others?
Would you let someone else go first in the queue?
Would you reflect on your past or cram all you can into your present moments?

Here is a further consideration:

An idea known as Dead at Midnight, extracted from the book A Better Way to Live by Og Mandino

“Simply imagine that every person you meet will be dead at Midnight, but they don’t know it – only you do. It makes a colossal difference to the way you treat people and have time for them.”

What else might you do in your last day?

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