Here is a mind map highlighting how you can turn words into images to create a visual representation of the word, when mindmapping. A simple, yet effective idea illustrating part or all of a word. You can draw “parts” of words, by noticing words within words, or connecting, by imagination, an alternative image from a similar meaning.

Examples include:

Worldwide – flattening the globe comes to mind

Combat – has a comb and a bat or both

Websites – perhaps use eyes looking at a spiders web

Business – has a bus

Legacy – the leg sticks out here!

Organisation – an alternative way to represent this word might include an image of an organ

Seesaw – eyes looking at a saw

Added – taking imagination further you could draw an adder (snake)

Investigate – contains a vest

Flagship – has a flag and a ship

Capture – you might extract the cap and illustrate part of this word

Slim-line – breaking into two words you can represent slim and line

Fundraising – you could illustrate an arm holding a piggybank up in the air

Brain – seeing rain in brain might conjure up an image of a brain, raining thoughts

These words were extracted at random from my files of pencilled mind maps – I chose words that I felt I could demonstrate this idea well with.

This technique is useful particularly when you add a word to a mind map and cannot think how to illustrate it – by breaking down the word and/or considering an alternative meaning you can conjure up new methods of visual representation for the word.

Visual representation allows for humorous associations and gets you thinking in ways that a cartoonist might think, instead of confining yourself strictly to drawing the normal expected version of a word.

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