It has taken me four decades to realise I need to give myself room to grow; space to be, to experiment and advance without putting unnecessary pressure on myself. Four decades is a long learning curve, yet we all grow daily at different rates. I hope my journey which has resulted in sharing my mind maps can inspire you to allow yourself time to harness your own unique talents and expand your skills in your chosen field.

Self-improvement can take courage; the willingness to challenge your own thinking and also question the “known” around you.
My advice from experience – go for it! In whatever field you are in, reach out, experiment and welcome any failures as stepping stones that strengthen you.

Reflecting on past years I may have failed less if I had let go more, although every step got me here, now, enjoying my moments, instead of resisting them.

Give yourself some space and allow yourself room to grow – you deserve to shine, however you choose.

Every day you wake up presents a new opportunity – it is never too late to do what you want to do with your life.

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