Monday is just another day.

Rain comes anytime.

Monday morning raining.

Positive or negative?

Good or bad?

Depends how you think.

If you didn’t know what day it is today – would it matter what day you called it?

The planet needs weather and the sun always shines.

If the planet needs rain – it rains.

Rain comes, rain goes, Mondays come, and Mondays go.

Don’t let the day, whatever it’s called spoil your day.

Doesn’t matter what day it is.

Don’t let the rain, whenever it comes, spoil your day.

Doesn’t matter if it’s raining.

It’s Monday – hooray!

It’s raining – hooray!

Can you be like the sun and always shine even behind the darkest cloud?

Monday morning raining.

Monday is just another day.

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