Where is history?

Yesterday is history, so is last month and last year.

The past has gone, so where is history?

Is history found in books, films, individual memories, collective memories, or in the World we see around us now? Through monuments, buildings, countries etc.

Is history thoughts? You have to think to compute the areas you see history in all around you. Is history reliable? Are the records we view all correct? Are books to be trusted 100%? Who check’s the information? Can a publisher be expected to confirm the writing of “experts”?

Why do we reference the past so much that it affects the present both personally and as nations? If you have dropped your past on a personal level you will see the enormous potential of dropping the past on a global level. If you reference an unhappy past you are effectively manufacturing an unhappy present.

Can a lack of forgiveness and compassion be inherited, passed down through traditions, customs and generations; often unchallenged? Do opinions and “facts” need to design our present? Do our ancestors have such a hold over us that we cannot begin again? Do our individual and collective memories hold problems in place? Imagine if the World decided to stop fighting over the past – which has gone. Imagine the potential for instant change! Instant in the same way that yesterday has left us.

We live in a technologically advanced age, where communication platforms have reached astounding levels. We share the planet physically and through technology we are linking every area of the globe. We share the planet mentally, each of us like a brain cell of a collective brain called a planet, so why can’t we change our mind as a planet?

Might we challenge assumed history that we feel cannot be changed by designing a present that ensures a peaceful future?

Can we leave history in the past?

Can we design the future starting from – now?

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