To have World Peace a simple strategy is needed. I feel there are three key components:

(1) World Peace Intention
(2) Inner Peace
(3) Peace in this one moment

(1) World Peace Intention

I feel World Peace will start from a collective and shared intention to have World Peace as the primary state of all discussions that may or may not hinder the continuation of World Peace. That may sound obvious, yet often I feel the obvious gets overlooked.

The planet needs to be seen as a whole. Imagine Planet Earth as viewed from outer space. If you wish to protect something – protect the planet that enables life to thrive; enables you to live. In the “Pulling the Planet Together” Mind Map I spoke of imagining the view from the moon. To recap, imagine sitting on the moon watching Planet Earth from a distance. Now think of Planet Earth as one giant traffic light – red is unrest and denotes wars on the planet, Amber indicates pockets of Peace and some wars and Green, total World Peace, no wars.

Most wars (if not all wars) are fighting to defend something man has invented; often defending no more than an illusion. Once illusions are seen there is no need for war – only discussion.

Imagine being an alien in a flying saucer passing through the universe; would you land here? On Earth?

Now imagine a “Green” Planet.

(2) Inner Peace

Often people have said we will have World Peace when enough individuals have attained inner peace. Although this appears logical I also feel it will work the other way around. World Peace will help create the circumstances to harness inner peace for millions of people collectively. From a starting point of World Peace, inner peace can expand and strengthen to ensure World Peace remains. The Berlin Wall serves as an example of this. Breaking down barriers to peace to create lasting Peace. Without a barrier there is nothing to resist or defend. Most barriers are manmade illusions. The Earth’s surface is 70% water and we are each 70% water – our connections remain whether illusions are added in forgetfulness or not. Effectively we are the planet – so any conflict is an attack on ourselves. The question is, whose illusion are you fighting for and why?

I read that 2 babies are born every second – imagine them being born into a peaceful World. Imagine them growing up on a peaceful planet.

Imagine every individual taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions to cultivate inner peace as their primary state. This requires daily effort; yet is achievable.

(3) Peace in this one moment

Crucially, every moment counts; every person taking responsibility in this one moment and all moments. The catalyst criteria: Silence, stillness and simplicity – no debate goes anywhere when anger and emotions are preventing positive progress. You know this on an individual level; making decisions in the wrong frame of mind don’t work! The World is also intelligent enough to know this; and yet not intelligent enough to do it regularly. Another illusion – “thinking” World Peace is not possible because of temporary set-backs or decisions being made at the wrong time or long-term conflict seeming impossible to transcend. The World is intelligent enough – it only thinks it is not. We are all intelligent enough to know this; we simply forget to remember or choose not to remember it!

You won’t find solutions with a win/lose agenda.

Imagine a 100% solution-orientated platform.

Imagine a World willing to live for the moment for peace for us and all future generations. Wouldn’t that give us something to be proud of – collectively changing the world in our lifetime and for all future generations.
The three elements are of course simple.

Peace is simple.

So simple: it’s a “Peace” of cake.

Poor pun aside, I think its time to recognise this and move away from illusions; both individually and collectively.

What I feel the World needs is to create more simple plans and generate less small print; less complications.

We can do it.

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