People “debate” whether God exists. A stage further the question arises “Then what?” What would you do in the knowledge; (if it could be proved) that God exists?
Do you think you’ll be able to converse? Do you seek guidance, confirmation or reassurance or an avenue for blame? Investigating your “belief” of whether God exists or not won’t change whether God exists or not. The question is a distraction that leads to infinite analysis.
There are four logical scenarios:
(1) God exists and you believe it
(2) God exists and you don’t believe it
(3) God doesn’t exist and you believe he does
(4) God doesn’t exist and you don’t believe he does
All four rely on a “belief” and the belief won’t change the truth, in any of the scenarios.
What do I think? Remember, it’s only my opinion 🙂
Do I believe in God? Yes
Can I prove God exists? No
Do I need to prove God exists? No
Do I need to prove God does not exist? No
Do I need to persuade others either way? No
What do you think?

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