How might you surprise yourself?

How might you surprise others?

The easiest way to explore spontaneity is to experiment with could more than should.

Try a drive or journey without a fixed destination.
Try creating a flexi-day whether at work or play.
Try an alternative route or different method of transport.
Try smaller roads instead of motorways.
Try a surprise meal out or in.
Break the jelly mould, crack monotony; outwit boredom.
Embrace uncertainty and live in the moment.
Surprise yourself. Surprise others.

The time we spend is as different and unique as our fingerprints, bodies and faces.

No two days are ever the same however much it may feel like it at times. Spontaneity already exists yet you can add more of it if you wish.

Here are some questions for contemplation based around the above mind map to help you explore a few of the infinite opportunities for spontaneity.

If I could explore today, totally unrehearsed, what would I do?
How can what I do be improvised?
How would I spend my time during an unplanned day?
In what ways could I ad-lib in the roles I undertake?
If I had the urge to do something different right now what would it be?
What impulse could I act on today?
Where might I create a sudden shift?
What would my instinctive action be right now, this minute?
How could I inject a rare quality into what I do today?
In what ways are the methods I use uncommon?
What impromptu action could I take?
What would be random right now; this minute?
What willing avenue could I explore today?
If I did something voluntary right now what would it be?
How could I add a strange new angle?
What in my field would be considered unconventional?
What could I be embracing right now with total freedom?
How could I explore the unknown today?
Where does the infinite apply to what I do?
What would make my role more fun?
How might I make my day livelier?
In what areas could my time be more exciting?
How can I make what I do remarkable?
Where is the natural element in what I do? How might I redefine it?
How could I express more feeling?
How could I explore and make use of my unique personal expression?
What would allow me more freedom?
What makes me different and how can I make a difference?
Where am I extraordinary and how can I share it?
How am I unusual?

If you have ever woken up at 4.30am in the morning, noted the time and dozed off again until 6.30am you know how fast two hours can zap by. That’s your life, that’s how brief time is and how important it is; how valuable and how necessary it is that you spend your life and time doing what you want to do.

How can you enjoy more spontaneity?

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