If I create a painting, sometimes no amount of paint can rectify a fault.

If I create a pencil drawing, the number of times I can erase lines before rubbing through the paper is limited.

Sometimes the only alternative is to start again from scratch.

Back to the drawing board!

Not a failure – a recognition that “I can do a better job”.

Why keep trying for hours when the fix is starting anew?

What is the resistance?

Does it really matter if I use another piece of paper? More paint? More time?

Am I that attached to the hours I may have spent on my creation that I cannot begin again?

Does it really matter if I concede a failure and start over?

Few of us get everything right every time or first time around and often the second or third attempt is a vast improvement.

I see world problems the same way.

Some areas of the planet, however much we throw at them, simply don’t change long-term.

This presents an opportunity to begin again – start anew, start afresh, build and design how we know it works, and manage it so it doesn’t fail.

Sometimes an over-paint works, other times a new start is required.

I feel world problems need the same view – proactive cures rather than temporary fixes. Achievable and positive action and change.

Starting again at the same location can work.

Starting afresh in a new location can also work.

Unused islands might become food and flower havens – dedicated to feeding the world; supplying employment and providing education.

Long-term; sustainable, a cure, a solution. Finding solutions rather than temporary fixes.

World problems need cures, permanent fixes; solutions so secure it would be impossible to fail.

So here is a question for the planet to ponder:

How might we cure world problems through relocation?

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