Here are some tips on how to draw a book! You’ll notice that many of my mind maps have books in them. In fact, I reference a lot of books across this website and I encourage all of you to read!

Find all our drawing tips here.

Within the pages of a book,
A world of wonder lies.
A place to learn and explore,
A place to realize.

The words are like a magic spell,
That transport us away.
To places far beyond our reach,
Where we can laugh and play.

The characters that we meet,
Become our friends and guides.
They teach us lessons big and small,
And help us see inside.

Through books we learn to empathize,
With those who are different than we.
We learn to love and understand,
And open up our hearts to see.

So let us always keep a book,
Close by our side each day.
For the magic that lies within,
Will guide us on our way.

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