If we viewed each one of us as cells in a collective body we would see that attacking others is attacking ourselves.

There is no us and them – there is only us.

Viewed from above, on a planetary level, Earth is much like a collective brain, each one of us small parts of a whole.

Although we identify with sides and teams, gangs and tribes, mobs and castes, over and above any divisions we are all collectively the same. Human beings on Planet Earth; countless differences, all unique and yet all connected.

On the outside we look different; on the inside we are all the same. On the inside our connections are more obvious; the label-less invisible realm of “you” – the you that you cannot see yet know is there. The inner “you” of no appearance; essentially ageless and similar to other beings on Earth that are not human; the silent inner connection all living things share. The life connection, existence before description; the life within.

On the level of connection and similarity peace exists; peace before identification with position. Before a stance, before attack and defence, before segregation, division and exclusion. That place we all know exists is the very place of togetherness – the ground up solid foundation of our unity, too easily ignored and often forgotten.

If you sit alone and discard any negative or angry thoughts, you can notice the life within; the peace within. The silence before identification with any opinion. Try sitting silently with someone you love, with an animal or pet or in nature and practice not resisting the present moment.

A great way to explore the shared silence is to focus on your breath. Pay total attention to your breathing and breathe slowly, deeply and silently. Even if you only do this for a minute or two your thoughts subside and your body starts relaxing. Silence shared equals effortless peace. In silence the no us and them is easy to see. Whenever you feel that you have nothing in common with other people consider the similarities, even if only those on the inside.

Here is a self-enquiry question for contemplation:

Am I the reason I find the most challenging person I know a challenge?

Here is another question for contemplation:

How many people have you known your entire life and probably not spent more than ten minutes with?

We don’t all think, feel and do in the same way yet we share many things in common. After your thoughts, after identification with your “reasoning” can you sense the connection you have with the billions of other living creatures on the planet? The collective “us” on the planet we all share. That’s the “us” of no us and them.

I feel that the similarities we share are the place of peaceful progress. In a way, our differences don’t divide us, they connect us – our similarities are the key to our uniqueness and individuality, yet more importantly our similarities are the key to peace.

Might the world meet on the grounds of what we all have in common?

Might we cherish and celebrate our similarities?

Might we see the “us” in the life we share on Earth?

Viewed from space each one of us is little more than a speck of dust all jostling together in a giant bubble called “Earth”. From a distance our connections are obvious; on the level of joint existence in a planet that has thrived for millions of years, “we” are “us”.

There is no us and them – there is only “us”.

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