Have you noticed few animals moan?

Obviously they don’t speak as we do – I wish they did, because boy could they teach us a lesson or two! Mainly about living in peace and being grateful for life on this planet. Animals are more in touch with the planet than humans.

When in the presence of animals, most are grounded in the peace of the present moment. Most are extremely willing to share an unconditional moment with you; sharing the planet peacefully.

Have you stopped? Have you listened? When was the last time you connected?

Have you noticed how few problems animals make for themselves?

Consider the man-made problems that exist on the planet, many no different for thousands of years and contemplate for a moment the term animal-made problems. Most, if there are any to speak of, are so temporary they are over within a few minutes or at least a day or two.

Have you noticed you are unlikely to make it through a day without hearing birds singing?

Somewhere, everywhere, birds tweet and the sounds speak of life, of the planet, of the moment. Flying mini motivators everywhere – so many lessons from birds, all free and all available daily; and that’s just the birds.

Have you noticed how accepting animals are?

Whether you stop to say hello or not, they are ready when you do take time out. Unconditional appreciation and acceptance. No need of a tribe, a clan, a style, a social standing or an appointment.

Notice how animals don’t feel any sense of them being superior or us as humans being superior to them. They meet you on your level – what level? No level. Can you imagine an animal revolt – capturing humans and penning them in! (Perhaps you have read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell?)

Take a moment out each day to connect with or listen to animals or birds; they await your company. Next time you see animals in a field stop for a moment, switch off your engine if driving and spend 15-20 minutes or so observing the animals. Connect eyes if you can, smile, say hello.

Perhaps you might even talk to them about your troubles and if you do – be sure to listen to the answers.

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