This mind map couples as a checklist to allow you to reflect on your day. I’ve created it to help raise present moment awareness. As we go about our day, the number of things that hit our senses and minds is incredible. How much of it do we really see?

How are your observation skills? Try the checklist at the end of your day and review how many items you remember seeing. You can go further; if for example you saw a brick wall, did you see the colours, shades, cracks and imperfections, insects and more.

If you drank from a can or bottle did you see the best before date, the small print on the label, the imprint underneath the bottle, the small pieces of plastic that you broke to unseal the lid or the ring pull and instructions, the ingredients, the size, shape, liquid content, serving suggestion, consumption recommendation. Did you see where it was manufactured, the mineral composition, the design and colours of the logo and text, the name of the product and the time it was shipped? Did you notice the weight? When you drank the liquid did you sense the flavours, the temperature, flat or bubbly; was the drink refreshing? Look closely – there could be much more.

You might like to try creating a mind map at the end of your day; recall all the things that happened and what you saw. This is a brilliant observation and recall exercise. Try doing it for a week and you’ll see that your observation improves and your mind maps are likely to contain more content by the end of the week, because you’ll start upping your observation skills during the day before creating the mind map in the evening.

Outside of our brains and our own thinking the World is alive with information, wonder and learning – today, what did you see?

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