Every day your thoughts create the “Newspaper of You” – are you creating new “news” or rewriting an old copy?

This is a new day unless you relive an old one.

What might happen if you wrote your repetitive thoughts down and created a newspaper of you – a story in newspaper format? Date it and read it every day; boring idea? That’s what repetitive thoughts and stories can be like. How soon would you discard the newspaper of you? How soon would you seek a new edition or create a better one?

Reliving the past is like reading the same newspaper every day, or watching the same film over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

The key is to realise that you are the editor in charge – the creator of your news.

You choose the stories that make the press; including the headlines and the regular features.

You can edit your stories and drop anything you wish.

Without a story there is nothing to oppose or resist.

When you are unhappy, you have simply identified with an unhappy story or thought. Stories even include objects – rocks don’t want to trip you up, water doesn’t want to make you wet, your thoughts don’t want to make you unhappy.

In the same way you don’t have to read and reread the same newspaper every day you can opt to not think the same thoughts every day by choosing alternative copy.

You can let go of your stories from the moment you realise that life is now and all of your stories are in the past.

Hold the front page.

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