“Time does not exist, we invented it” – Albert Einstein

A brilliant quote and reminder that man decided to have 24 hours each day simply to keep track of our daily activities. Without time days would simply move from light to dark. Without a watch or clock could you tell what time it is at any given moment? Surprisingly, if you try it you’ll discover you get close more often than you might expect. The universe and our planet take care of day and night, light and dark, time or no time.

A wonderful exercise is to meditate on the universe. An exercise in totally letting go. Imagine you are floating in space, where no sound can be heard. Vast, infinite, space with planets and stars, suns and moons. Imagine looking back at Earth from miles up in space – visualise it with your eyes open or closed however you wish. Contemplate the smallness of your problems as you drift around the universe; the insignificance of small detail and the impermanence of everything on Earth.

Picture the Earth changing, years elapsing, future coming – imagine a hundred years from now and watch your worries evaporating. From your drifting point in space, time, the illusion, is irrelevant. Just you and your thoughts coming and going.

Because no sound exists in space, only your thoughts count – shout if you like, nothing will be heard because nothing will come out. In the silence as you float in pitch black, the planets, stars, moons, suns, shine beautiful light through the universe; peaceful, tranquil, breathtaking. As you gaze in wonder you realise that the only sound you can hear is your thoughts. You then notice the gaps between thinking – total silence – real silence. When you are not thinking you become as quiet as the universe, as quiet as space.

Those gaps exist on Earth. The gaps between your thoughts. Whether you visualise yourself floating in the universe or not you can tap those gaps whenever you like. You have access to a place of peace within you and you can visit as often as you like.

When you feel you need to get away or escape your thoughts try a meditation on the universe; a journey exploring space. The space between your thoughts.

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