Cities create jobs. Build new cities. Build where there are no cities. New York has population exceeding 19 million; Tokyo in excess of 35 million. Big examples yet even scaled down new cities could represent significant new global employment potential.

Imagine creating a new city totally from scratch – it could be anywhere on the planet; as if you were coming from outer space and needed to create a new colony.

Imagine some of the new cities devoted to specific fields, such as the growing of food, technology or research. Think of the positive impact on these areas if they had this development potential. Even with specialisation there would be a multitude of other needs; food, health, housing etc.

Imagine developing areas of the planet otherwise deemed unsuitable or unusable such as many desert areas.

Creating new cities would generate a boom in worldwide trade; present an opportunity for unity and for large-scale collaboration. The creation of new cities would give people work through the building of the new cities and then provide ongoing opportunities once completed. Creating new cities could pull the planet together; multi-cultural involvement solving shared problems together.

Relocation for new creation. Chunking down for simplicity and taking the United Kingdom as an example: a hypothetical look at whole figures (cities could be smaller). In the UK, population is approximately 61 million and unemployed approximately 3 million. Imagine a new city somewhere in the world; it doesn’t matter where, capable of sustaining 10 million people from the 61 million (including those unemployed). The unemployment figures would drop drastically through creating new jobs and through movement of existing employed personnel.

The creation of many cities could, in theory, slash unemployment worldwide and possibly even tip the balance the other way by creating future potential to cope with population growth in coming decades. Where there are people, there are needs; create new cities and you create new needs.

Creating new cities presents opportunities for new starts, from scratch; fresh design, from now to the future, rather than building on the past and trying to fix past problems. New cities could be created using today’s technology and knowledge in ways as close to fail proof as possible. New cities would give opportunities for students gaining qualifications to have a future in which to use their qualifications.

It would require global co-ordination – what better way to pull together as a planet? What remains? Ideas! Billions of us = billions of ideas. How would you do it? Where? When?

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