Everyone you meet can teach you something. Learning is infinite and we are all constant daily learners. When you discover a subject that ignites passion within you the learning is fun and the exploration fascinating.

When you discover your passion you feel energised and motivated and your days are filled with intrigue and gratitude. A subject that fascinates you, fires you up and the momentum and enthusiasm are often unstoppable.

Finding a passion is great, having a purpose is even greater; when passion meets purpose – watch out! Awesome things can happen!

Fascination yields a burning, yearning for learning. Naturally you can have more than one passion or purpose; perhaps even a combination of many. Passion spills into an uninhibited ability to capture the flow and you develop a timeless dedication to excel in your chosen field of interest.

When passion meets purpose, you explore the awe of the unknown; tap into the wow factor and become dedicated to making a difference, changing lives and the world for the better and improving yourself along the way. If it lights your fire you have almost certainly found your passion and your passion may also become your purpose.

When passion meets purpose you become fulfilled in your role of helping others, life has meaning and you strive to do your best and be your best. Helping others, in turn, fulfils you.

Passions can change and it’s never too late to discover new ones. Does a subject have you sleeping or leaping? Have you found your passion? Have you found your purpose? Have you pursued them?

How do you find your passion? A great starting point is to ask probing questions such as:

Right now, am I doing what I want to do with my life?

Is this what I really want?

What fires me up?

In what ways might I be able to do the things I love to do?

Find out how you can live your passion and purpose.

One final tip – don’t delay! Go for it!

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