Here is an architectural challenge and vision for introducing nature, wildlife and countryside into built-up areas and city based waterways. Traditionally we think of bridges being constructed to move large volumes of transport from one place to another. What if we built bridges solely and specifically to introduce countryside and nature for both wildlife and humans?

Bridge of nature ā€“ vast bridges over built-up areas, bridges over waterways and rivers like the River Thames and even a stage further, top levels for car-parks and shop complexes, sea structures and piers with nature themes. Another possibility is spanning from one island to another. Yet another idea is to use bridges to create shade in hotter climates ā€“ land bridges!

Combined with solar collection, these bridges could collect energy and help reduce pollution whilst enabling wildlife to thrive and provide relaxing walks, picnic areas and getaways for humans inhabiting predominantly concrete city areas.

Bridge of nature; an architectural challenge, a vision for wildlife, a dream for future generations ā€“ or, how about now?

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