This image is ultra-wacky; I’m no architect, however, I feel buildings could be created that are self-sustaining utilising and harnessing the environment by combining the power potential of nature.

What elements could such a structure have? Wind farm, solar, water collection and water power, in-built greenhouses, water tanks and more.

Water could roll off the roof spin-drive paddles or wheels below and then fall into reservoir tanks that feed greenhouses via sprinkler systems. Harnessing power and recycling afterwards.

Solar panels with adjustable reflectors and mirrors could capture the sun.

Underground reservoir tanks could store excess water.

A lot of buildings and architecture are designed with a view to defend the elements. Buildings of the future might be able to work in the opposite way – invite nature and the elements in, work with it, harness it; use it to our advantage. After all, it is there, awaiting the connection, willing to be used by us and offers a constant predictable source. Sun, wind, rain – they are here to stay and if we use them we’ll be here to stay as well.

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