You know the feeling; your mind is like a tumbling washing machine, thoughts so heavy your head might explode. No clarity, no free space, only heavy-eyed darkness like a night-time fog hovering over the sea. There’s a clear day on the horizon yet it seems too distant, out of reach, either up an impassable mountain or deep down a treacherous valley.

What stops the glistening sun shining in a clear blue sky where seagulls float majestically on a light cooling breeze? Two things cloud the way; one is space, the other simplicity. Thousands of thoughts in a strong metal chain, chunking and clunking like the ghost of a prisoner on a faraway staircase. Seemingly no room for nothingness. Seemingly, because the key has temporarily gone astray and that key is simplicity.

First requirement is awareness, noticing the gaps between thoughts or space has gone. What the fog of a dark mind needs is a simple repetitive phrase; a powerful mind directing and calming tonic to guide you safely back to silence. A short affirmation can do this – anything positive such as a phrase beginning “I am” – I am at peace, I am relaxed, I am powerful, I am content, I am thankful; “I am”. Any of these and many more you can create. Home is when you don’t need to fill in the blank; when “I am” will suffice in order to slow your mind down to regain clarity. Essentially “I am” is you in the moment right now, right here.

Repeating the phrase and progressively expanding the gap between each repetition, enables you to recapture the galloping myriad of confusing and conflicting thoughts. You can return to the clear skies, the bird on the wind, noticing the breath in your lungs and the absence of over-thinking. Breathe in deeply in the space between your thoughts and breathe out slowly as you affirm your chosen phrase.

“I can’t think straight” often translates to “I’ve forgotten the gaps”. The space returns through gentleness and patience; you can suddenly breathe new life (or oxygen) into your brain, and the fog lifts gently as body and mind regain calm.

Breaking the inner turbulence – to think your way out, you need to notice and reduce your over-thinking.

A journey from heavy head to awareness of thoughts, to noticing spaces, to guiding the mind calmly through a simple affirmation or phrase back to clarity and peace.

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