Many obstacles can cover up the present moment. This illustration highlights several fleeting hurdles that come and go; others may also wish to distract you away from the now. Not necessarily problems in themselves; really observations to become aware of. The mind tempts you to identify with these states; the ego needs them to strengthen and enforce separation. The ego wants you to see these states as problems and become a victim to them. It seeks a lock-in; the lock-in is however an illusion you buy into.

The mountain signifies reaching for clarity; seeing with new eyes, rising above the fog of delusion. The illusion is that progress is hard, the climb steep, the journey troublesome. It takes time to move past illusions. Some take years to break. Yet beware the ego knows this. The ego wants to keep you on the mountain; to convince you of the struggle.

Living in the now is a simple idea yet not always easy because of years of learned behaviour that keeps you heavily identified with your thoughts. The mountain could be likened to a ladder where you make progress and slide back down. The mountain also signifies your recognition of these states. Arriving at the top you can stand next to the flag. The now flag is the flag of freedom. Freedom from unconscious identification with the mind and the many states within allows you to use your thinking rather than it using you. The height of the mountain signifies reaching a better viewing point – being in touch with the bigger picture; gaining access to more peaceful states. Seeing with clarity; rising above learning to learn again.

As with many things in life true learning occurs when experience replaces theory. The more you experience the now the greater the recognition of where you have been all this time! 🙂

The many states added to the mountain signify potential illusions They represent examples only rather than stages or steps in any order. You transcend these states to arrive in the now (recognising the present moment). Awareness allows you to notice these states when they arise and witness them with detachment. You might view the states as areas of temporary stuckness rather than problems. Awareness recognises the stuckness as temporary. The mind attempts to convince you the state is permanent and the fiction begins; the story taking you away from now. If you buy into the story it is not difficult to find evidence to back up your thinking or people to concur with your “position”.

Standing next to the flag your primary state and focus becomes the now. Before, the other states occupied your conscious awareness with the now largely or totally hidden. The present moment always exists; like the sun always shines behind the clouds, only your thoughts take you away from the now. Unaware thinking, past, future, all hiding the now; you effectively turn your back on the mountain.

As your awareness of the now deepens your ability to witness the other states strengthens. The mountain begins to evolve into transparency. The states become similar and begin to merge, making recognition easier. You might even group the illusions as “other than now”. Their hold over you lessens with greater awareness.

Being aware of your body, your thoughts and your surroundings anchors you effortlessly in the now. Beyond struggle lies freedom. Letting go of wrestling with your thoughts allows space to enter; the space of now.

No force, no struggle; no resistance. Not even a route to the flag of now – your map is pure awareness.

Silence is your compass; stillness your guide.

Without leaving the moment – you notice you have arrived and the view from the top takes your breath away.

You reach the top of the mountain and recognise the mountain as your own design.

When you begin to sense your feet on the ground the mountain disappears.

Your senses heighten and the World is anew.

You return to now – only this time you know it.

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