This illustration is inspired by a quote by Peace Pilgrim who walked 25,000 miles for Peace. Here is the quote:

If you recognise that all of your inner hurts are caused by your own wrong actions or your own wrong reactions or your own wrong inaction, then you will stop hurting yourself.

I have simplified the quote into the three key areas, headed up by the AIR acronym for easy recall.

A – Action
I – Inaction
R – Reaction

The three key areas represent thoughts, judgments or decisions.

Whenever life is not going smoothly, try investigating the three key areas; action, inaction and reaction to see why. It helps to keep a solution-focused intention in mind when exploring the AIR acronym.

Explore and uncover whether your thought, judgment or action has come about because of action, inaction or reaction.

This helps you pinpoint the “why” of any situation which can then free you up to discover the “how” of finding a positive solution.

I have found this a wonderful quote and I hope the AIR acronym helps you.

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