I’ve learnt to wait for better thoughts. The higher more positive thoughts – ones that cause joy rather than anguish.

I’ve learnt that most thoughts are simply untrue or very unlikely to happen. That illusions can be persistent; worries never-ending – I’ve learnt to disassociate with thoughts that do not empower me.

I’ve learnt that often silence; no thought, is a vast improvement on a busy mind.

I’ve learnt that I’m better off waiting for quality thoughts – however long it takes.

If I had to put a figure on my previous thinking state; prior to having greater awareness of my thoughts, I’d say 90% represented illusion and 10% truth. Thoughts and illusions have the power to ruin your life – if you let them.

Thoughts are harmless – what causes problems is attaching to thoughts, particularly erroneous ones.

Separating the thought from reality can be hard if you are not present enough to recognise that you are thinking. The moment you realise you are thinking you can consider the thought, question the thought and potentially drop or replace it. Instead of punishing yourself for a negative thought praise yourself for noticing.

The noticing gives you the power to change your thinking.

If you have a negative thought, ask: “What would be a higher more positive thought?”

Consider how many times you have worried about something and the something has never happened.

When you get into the habit of checking your thoughts you can transform your present moment – often starting from a single thought.

Question your thinking – see what percentage you might attribute to illusion and what percentage to the truth.

Often when you run out of questions the truth reveals itself.

If the thoughts are flooding in and you feel overwhelmed tap into silence – our inner reset mechanism.

Checking your thoughts is a life changing positive habit to adopt and it starts with simply questioning your thinking.

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