Every insult you allow to drop strengthens you.

Every unwarranted negative criticism you ignore empowers you.

Every warranted and genuinely positive criticism improves you.

If not designed to help you – no need to attach – let go.

Try a 20 second countdown and at zero let go – create an affirmation if you feel it helps yet keep in mind affirmations also need dropping or else they remain just words.

Not designed to help? Then it is not designed for you.

Insults, attacks, negative criticisms are not your reality, they are the reality of the offerer. Choose not to accept the offer, let go and move on.

Treat unwanted thoughts as you would treat spam. Delete, ignore, replace, let go – instantly. The quicker you can do this the quicker you can regain your positive purpose.

Take your positive power back by choosing non-reaction. Why waste your time on things that don’t matter?

Choose your positive purpose and look for the good.

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