The secret to happiness is non-resistance to reality; non-resistance to this moment.

Being in this moment without inner or outer conflict, without resistance to the moment, in thought or feeling. Totally grounded in effortless peace, aware of surroundings, aware of thoughts, aware of body; without resistance. Aware of the content of the moment and content with the moment, whether understanding the moment fully or not. Submerged in this timeless experience whatever it brings you or you bring it.

Often easier to acknowledge and accept the present moment when relaxing or in silence. Easier to lose awareness of the present moment when busy or during commotion. Busy or commotion can include thoughts as well as actions; outer circumstances and/or inner circumstances.

Non-resistance takes little effort, more awareness and alertness; being present. Being present effortlessly, heightening the senses, practicing being calmly active and actively calm and enjoying the gaps between thoughts as part of the moment.

Notice how a thought is not an action and an action is not a thought. You can have thoughts without action, thoughts with action, action without thoughts and action without awareness of thought. Practicing action with awareness of thought and action without thought deepens present moment awareness.

Mental non-resistance is acknowledging thoughts and not resisting them; allowing them to come and go whether you choose to investigate them further or not. Physical non-resistance is relaxing the body and feeling free in both action and non-action. An example might be the imagined fight to force a screw instead of calming and patiently applying pressure to turn it.

Non-resistance is essentially knowing what you are doing and knowing what you are thinking. Combining the two helps you deepen present moment awareness and present moment experience. Most if not all resistance is thought based, whether past, present or future orientated resistance. This moment is ever-present and you can be too.

The secret to happiness is non-resistance to reality; non-resistance to this moment.

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