The only way to have total peace both within and without is through total surrender. The beauty is that it can happen instantly.

The moment of surrender is when you give up the fight against reality; stop opposing “what is”.

So often analysis moves you away from truth; constant thought can steer you away from answers. Silence rewards you with higher thoughts – peace doesn’t need words; surrender requires little effort physically or mentally.

Here is a statement, an affirmation:

“Everything I have ever chosen to worry about, I now hand over to the Universe”

The above affirmation represents a starting point for total surrender. Happiness is letting go of unhappiness, by not attaching to unhappy thoughts and identities; through surrender of negative thinking and embracing the present moment fully.

You cannot “find” happiness because happiness is not an object; happiness is surrendering to reality 100%. What is reality? Whatever is happening right now. The entry point for peace is reconnecting with the present moment.

Change or surrender happens when you get tired of thinking about yourself; bored of the same stories in your head, such as – “poor me” and “it shouldn’t be happening”. Once you direct your attention to what you can offer rather than what you can get, your life improves beyond measure.

To be happy for no reason you have to stop buying into illusions; such as if I am rich I’ll be happy, if I find the “perfect” partner, house, car etc then I’ll be happy. If you are not happy before these things you are unlikely to be happy with them. All of these outer circumstances share two things in common (1) They are outer not inner (2) They are all postponing happiness to a later time.

To be happy for no reason you have to be happy despite external circumstances; decide to be happy no matter what and be happy now, not later, no need to postpone your happiness. By postponing your happiness you are expecting external things to make you happy and therefore setting yourself up for disappointment if the things you think will make you happy turn out not to do so.

Outer circumstances come and go, so to place happiness in them you are potentially at risk of losing your true happiness. If you are happy on the inside even despite temporary shifts in your moods or inner states your happiness will remain; it won’t leave even if it is covered up temporarily.

I like to think of the inner state as a clean slate so that I can visualise that I am making choices of what to place on the slate at any given time.

The outer things you consider make you happy cannot be carried with you physically inside, only mentally. Your fancy car, house etc can only be mind-made images when not in front of you and when you drive your car you are potentially identifying with an illusion of (a) What it makes you feel like and (b) How you believe others perceive you in your fancy car.

You can quickly see that you could potentially create those feelings without the physical car, house etc. If you can feel good about yourself despite outer conditions you can take or leave them; enjoy them if they come and still be happy whether they come or not. The smile on the face of the child in the slums comes from total surrender to the present moment, not to the conditions of that moment.

Acknowledging inner and outer states takes you away from the illusion of expecting outer stuff, be it things or people, to make you happy.

Once you see the illusion of this you can begin to manufacture inner happiness and focus on working on yourself rather than changing the outside. Whatever you think makes you happy on the outside, imagine it was not there and you begin to see that you have pushed the responsibility out to someone or something you expect to make you happy. It may sound selfish yet it is the exact opposite; once happy you can share it.

Inner focus is the beginning of unconditional love; happiness for no reason, love for no reason, helping others for no reason other than to help others. Making a difference without the difference being a condition.

Inner focus is the starting point for surrendering in the present moment.

The present moment is the point of peace – the beauty of surrender.

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