Most inner struggles come about through battling the non-truth – the truth needs no battle, only acceptance.

What if from tomorrow you made a conscious decision to drop any inner struggles? What if you separated the truth from your inner struggles by acknowledging the false? Let go of conflicting thoughts, churning worries, uncertainty. Let go of anything you cannot change.

What if you constructed a letter to the universe and told it exactly what you want fixed without being unrealistic or greedy?

Imagine the universe accepted the challenge and the day after, everything you requested began to take place; your goals achieved and your worries released.

Success! Everything sorted, taken care of and nothing more to worry about. Relief?

Stick with the fiction for a moment. Travel from a place where everything has been answered and your problems fixed back to now. What happened to make the changes? What sorted the troubles you used to have? What was the “how” that the universe brought forth?

Now back to fact.

Only, the universe is quite busy – you might need to help out with a few tasks. So, instead of wasting effort on things you cannot change, your time is best spent on the things you can change. Let the universe handle the things you cannot change – it is busy yet it will get to it.

What are the things you can change and when can you start?

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