The guitarist who blows your mind makes it look easy.

The painter who produces wonderful art makes it look easy.

Both the guitarist and painter and others in many thousands of different fields who “make it look easy” spent hours upon hours practicing. Years dedicated to their skill or craft, which they “make”, look easy.

They make it look easy because they failed.

They must have failed in order to have learned and yet what makes the difference in every case is they did not stop at failure. They welcomed failure as a learning curve; as a necessary step.

I’ve invented a new word – “Failearning” because life is a journey through failure.

If you visualise an “L” plate at the end of the word fail it helps remind you that failure is a learning curve. If you have the 3D’s; dedication, discipline and determination you can maintain the motivation and vision to succeed.

If you don’t fail you won’t know – if you don’t fail you won’t grow.

Your success depends on your ability to fail and learn.

Welcome failure as a stepping stone to success, as part of the journey, the learning curve.

“I’m not failing I’m failearning” 🙂

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