Learn, Love and Live – the three words have connections:

If you are living you are most likely loving and learning, or learning and loving.

If you are loving you are most likely living and learning, or learning and living.

If you are learning you are most likely living and loving or loving and living.

Learn, Love, Live.

If you are doing all three great! If not; perhaps its time to find out what needs to change? Here is a tip: if something needs to change in order for your life to improve it won’t be others 🙂

Learn, Love, Live.

Harmony connects the three and encourages inner and outer peace.

If you love what you do you love learning about it and therefore love living. Find what you love, learn what you love, live what you love.

When following your passion the doing and being flow and you effortlessly tap your unique creativity and imagination in your chosen field. You effortlessly learn, love, live.

The question is “What?”

What do I want to learn?
What do I want to love?
What do I want to live?

I feel the answers help enormously towards content living and following your passion.

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