The ego is simply a bunch of concepts that you mistakenly think are you. The real you is beneath the concepts; the nameless one you were born as. The real you is the one that reads the right words at the right time; the occasions when you have an inner knowing without needing to analyse whether the words are right for you. The real you is at peace and real power is having the courage to be at peace. Attack and defend is the ego wanting illusions to be real; wanting war, in the false belief that it will make gains. The gains don’t satisfy so the need of more battles remains. Individually it can be dangerous, collectively it can be devastating. Peace is the absence of the need to attack and defend. Peace is the state before thought; before attachment to false concepts and illusions.
When asleep the ego rests, when the ego sleeps while you are awake, inner peace becomes effortlessly attainable. Rising above illusions. Self-pity is feeling sorry for an illusion called ego – “locked in” absurdity that it can be difficult to snap out of because the stories are addictive. Attack and defend thoughts and reactions are great indicators of ego illusions.
The ego isn’t you, any more than a photograph of you is you. Because ego is an illusion nothing is lost on dropping it. I forgive ego because I know it’s not real – why battle with an illusion? Through the eyes of ego right and wrong are seen as ultra important – through the eyes of peace, happiness and joy are far more important than who or what is right and who or what is wrong. Recognising ego as illusion allows you to forgive yourself and others when attack and defend thoughts arise. The art of non-reaction is a daily practise in allowing ego to drop.
Here is a quote from Rick Carson, author of Taming your Gremlin
“Your self-concept is faulty and self-limiting for one simple reason; you are more than a concept”
Are you your brain? Are you your body? Who is the you of life within when you don’t think? The inner core within, the essence of life, the unchangeable part of you that remains despite the colourful exterior imagery and stories. The real you is the one of no illusion – how simple to forgive an illusion when an illusion is nothing! The stories change yet the you remains. Once you sample the simplicity of the life within you, unity becomes clear – the same consciousness or life within you is the same or common denominator that exists in all. You also share ego illusions – not personal – the same for all. Life within (unity) and life beyond ego concepts (unity).
So there you have it, a blog post and mind map about something that doesn’t exist and yet we all share it 🙂 Confusing? Not really, ego comes, ego goes, and it’s all an illusion.

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