Does a flower really have an age? If time does not exist – do you have an age?

“Time does not exist – we invented it” ~ Albert Einstein

We have clock time and dates for convenience – beneath the numbers there is only day and night, light and dark, movement and change. Fleeting moments contained within a bubble of one larger moment known as existence. A bit like a snowy scene inside a paperweight; undergoing change, spontaneity and randomness – stillness and silence, movement and settlement.

Depending on your present “age” you may look at your hands or face and see lines and other signs of “ageing”, perhaps grey hair has sprouted or your hair is no longer around! Perhaps you feel “old” by looking at your appearance? If time does not exist perhaps it’s just an illusion? The flower comes, exists and leaves. You come, exist, and leave. Beneath the appearance lives an ageless, timeless realm of life or existence. Do you think the life within you could tell its age if that were possible? Do you think animals and plants, flowers and nature are aware of “time” or “age”? All age really is, is a method of counting; keeping track via birthdays and anniversaries and the like. I wonder if we might age less if we viewed ourselves as ageless? I wonder what impact it might have on our psyche if we lived our entire lives not knowing our age.

If you did not know your age, what age do you think you would be? A tough question. Often easier to ask others what age they think you are; and then of course they judge by “appearance”! Can I really be the age I am if time does not exist? It’s an incredible question that makes you stop and think on a deeper level about your life, past, present and future.

The dictionary has interesting definitions on age and ageless:

Age – length of time that a person or thing has existed
Ageless – never growing or appearing old; eternal

Which one more closely defines your inner age? “Age” suggests external whilst “ageless” I feel is more appropriate to your inner being.

Perhaps the next time you “feel” old, try remembering your ageless element; the life in you before attaching any numbers. Here is a takeaway question to ponder: If time does not exist, am I ageless?

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