Columbo solves cases; cracks crimes, uncovers plots and foils plans.

He eats hard-boiled eggs, smokes cigars, needs coffee and chilli, drives a classic Peugeot and wears a raincoat, suit, shirt and tie.

“One more thing”

He wins; always.


Columbo sees clarity through confusion; sense out of chaos and distraction.

He never misses a thing even when you think he does.

What he does miss doesn’t matter.

What matters he uncovers.

Columbo sees what no one else sees.

He hears what no one else hears.

He senses what no one else senses.

He touches what no one else touches.

He feels what no one else feels.

He dreams what no one else dreams.

He notes what no one else notes.

He imagines what no one else imagines.

Columbo thinks differently; uniquely, from a wider perspective, multi-dimensional, multi-directional.

He sees the bigger picture.

He sees with an aerial perspective and 360° view.

Columbo transcends assumptions and the known and reverses all angles, takes and views.

He transcends the expected, the norm, the average; he glosses over the predictable and questions all the opposites.

Columbo asks questions, covers everything, contemplates, ponders; incubates.

He makes associations and notices links, trusts his intuition, visualises, imagines and challenges.

He delves deeper for longer and explores all angles and questions; why, what, where, when, who, how, if, then what and more.

He checks, checks and double checks and sometimes checks again.

Columbo compares old cases, the past and historical and assesses from knowledge and experience all he connects.

Columbo notices.

He remembers.

He recalls.

He reviews.

He observes.

If Columbo needs to quit, he quits, changes directions, explores new avenues and learns as he progresses.

Columbo embraces everything from the major, through the minor to the minuscule.

He soaks up, drinks in and refuses to fail.

He works methodically, logically, thoroughly and tirelessly.

He has patience.

He solves.

He waits.

“One more thing”

He wins.

Columbo always wins.

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