Here is a different way to use mind maps.

I wondered what might happen if I used the mind map format in an unconventional way. As an experiment, I decided to watch a live U2 concert from 2009 (Rose Bowl) and simply grab random words as the concert unfolded. The result? Hundreds of words I might not have otherwise grouped together which could be used for idea generation or to spark inspiration for creative writing and more.

U2 fans will be able to notice links and recognise some of the songs – I chose words totally at random rather than writing everything down, so there will be gaps.

You might like to try this experiment with different mediums; perhaps mind map a video, music, speech etc to harness new associations. You could combine the two ideas – mind map some random words as your main branches then carry on mindmapping from those words. (See also Drawing a Mind Map from Start to Finish)

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